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phil&teds dash inline buggy with snug carrycot in lie flat mode more info dash™ + snug™ carrycot urban inline® $999.00 AUD $1,298.00 AUD
phil&teds dot inline buggy with snug carrycot in lie flat mode_chilli more info dot™ + snug™ carrycot value inline® $699.00 AUD $998.00 AUD
phil&teds go buggy v1 award winning compact lightweight stroller in apple green 3qtr view_apple more info go™ pram GO_V1 $199.50 AUD $399.00 AUD
phil&teds dash snug carrycot red 3qtr view_red more info snug™ carrycot for dash™ DACC_V5 $62.25 AUD $249.00 AUD
phil&teds snuggle & snooze sleeping bag with baby inside in red top view_red more info sleeping bag snuggle&snooze PTSB_V2 from $44.50 AUD $89.00 AUD
phil&teds alpha car seat summer cover_default summer car seat cover CSSC_V1 $15.00 AUD $30.00 AUD
_raspberry more info go liner component (original) GOLN_V1 from $14.50 AUD $29.00 AUD
phil&teds 10 inch tyre with white wall_black 10" external tyre PT-Ptyreww10_ $9.99 AUD $19.95 AUD
phil&teds go travel system belt securing the alpha car seat on the go buggy_default travel system belt for go™ buggy GO-TSB_V1 $7.50 AUD $15.00 AUD