now reading: Original innovators of inline® launch new buggy platform
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Original innovators of inline® launch new buggy platform

The new inline® range offers award-winning adaptability, with refined functionality and a stylistically streamlined aesthetic.
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phil&teds®, the Kiwi innovators behind the world’s first single-to-double buggy, today launch a renewed inline® buggy platform.

The award-winning baby goods brand has masterly redesigned and reinvigorated four inline® buggies - dot™, sport™, dash™ and voyager™ - drawing inspiration from vintage trikes, where one kid playfully stood in the back.

Chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower, says phil&teds saw potential to bring this way of kids play to life, and create a real solution for parents.

“Parents need products that adapt with a family’s growing needs. That’s why we first invented the original inline® buggy. Fast forward to now, and this new inline® range offers that same award-winning adaptability, with refined functionality and a shiny new stylistically streamlined look.

“Our inline® buggies are fantastic single buggies - each offering all wheel suspension, an easy to use foot brake, intuitive stand fold, generous sized seats and then some - and when used with the double kit™ seat accessory, you also get a very cool parent facing seat for more face-to-face time with your kid.

“Better still, if your family grows, you can use that same double kit™ to turn your single into a double by simply clicking it to the back of the buggy. Our inline® range is simplicity at its best - functional attributes, aesthetically pleasing features with price points that please.”

Gower says the inline® buggies all come in a classic black colourway, with their fabrics each catering to a distinct parenting lifestyle.

“Much like the classic Little Black Dress that comes in many variances, the message remains, it’s how you wear it… or in this case push it, that counts!

“We all know that the parenting day looks a lil' different for every family, so our adapt range gives parents the freedom to customise their ride with accessories compatible across the entire range.

“Whether you show your true colours with a free cushy ride™ liner, adapt from one to two with the handy dandy double kit™, or chill and store the goods with the world’s first igloo inline® storage, a phil&teds™ inline® is the only buggy parents will ever need, for one or two kids.”

Motivated by how IKEA market themselves as an influencer in easy lifestyle - a one stop shop approach - Gower says phil&teds looks to become the ‘IKEA” of the nursery world.

“We offer more for less, without compromise, and always with parents in mind. Quality without breaking the bank balance, simplicity without compromising on functionality, and freedom without the complexity.

“You might say we’re actually giving parents compelling reasons to want to multiply!”

As the original inventors of the world’s first inline® buggy - and over 50 patents thereafter - phil&teds™ is the only nursery brand in the world that caters for six categories of the parenting day - push, feed, sleep, carry, drive and adapt.

“We’re not like other nursery companies… probably because we can’t sit still. As the original creators of inline®, for over two decades now, we’ve helped tens of thousands of parents around the world adapt&survive™ their parenting day as their families grew from one to two.”

Gower says when it comes to inline®, no other brand comes close.

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