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Introducing phil&teds'® compact single buggies

phil&teds® relaunch their popular go™, smart™ and mod™ buggies - offering families functionality in a compact form that truly packs a punch
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Award-winning New Zealand baby goods brand, phil&teds, has relaunched its popular go™, smart™ and mod™buggies - offering families functionality in a compact form that truly packs a punch.

chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower, says compact singles are the perfect solution for parents wanting the freedom to get out and about with their kid, and navigate around easily.

go™, smart™ and mod™ are all fantastic single buggies; compact in size and featuring everything parents need for a busy parenting day.”

With puncture-proof aerotech rear tyres, all wheel suspension and a freestanding foot fold for easy storage when space is at a premium, smart™ now comes in a classic new black colorway, with a FREE seat liner to boot.

“Parents get the choice of eight different colours - each reversible to black. Styled with modern melange fabric, the cushy ride™ liner provides a plush, comfortable seat for lil ones.

smart™ is actually one of the few 4-wheeler buggies in the world to come with a fabric sling seat. Parents not only get the convenience of an instant lie flat bed for their newborn - with a new changeable liner - but also perfect weight distribution ideal for pushing and kerb popping up and around town.”

Additionally, compact single buggy, go™, also now comes with the FREE reversible buggy liner. Gower says go™ continues to redefine what an umbrella stroller should be.

“We were so tired of seeing ultra flimsy umbrella strollers being used all around the world, looking extremely rickety with children who were still quite young, yet looked over grown in the seat.

“They folded awkwardly and often looked vertically challenged, at phil&teds we thought, how can we make a difference here?”

Gower says the thinking was to develop a low cost buggy that delivers the basics that an ‘umbrella’ offers, “but actually works and never breaks down.”

In 2018, phil&teds launched go™ - the phil&teds 'umbrella' offering superior functionality and fold.

Extremely lightweight at 5kg with a compact stand fold, Gower says go™ is one of the lightest, most convenient, full seat buggies out there.

Rounding out the trifecta of relaunched compact singles is mod™, a unique 4-wheeled modular buggy, with an aesthetic showcasing the classic modernist art movement.

This compact showstopper, available in four unique print colourways, features an award-winning modular seat design that enables parents to transform the independent seat unit to a cozy lie-flat space for newborns on and off the buggy in seconds.

“With mod™, we created one of the first modulars in the world to deliver a seat that could clam-shell fold with the buggy to stow away. Parents can fold mod™ with the seat on, and facing either direction.”

Gower says “we all know that the parenting day looks a lil' different for every family. Our range of compact singles gives parents the freedom to choose a buggy that best fits them and their family.

“Parents need affordable, innovative solutions to make their lives easier; products specifically designed to enhance their parenting day, whatever that may look like.

“Our buggies do just that; products that let parents live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow.”

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