dash frame

dash frame


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$749.40 AUD

Replacement dash™ frame with parcel tray included
2015-2019 dash™



Product Code: PT-PDAframeV5.1_

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phil&teds voyager 2015-2019 frame lock kit ghosted 3qtr view_default voyager™ & dash™ frame lock kit PT-PDFLKIT_V1 $4.08 AUD
phil&teds dash and voyager 2015-2019  rear wheel complete _black dash & voyager aeromaxx rear wheel PT-PDAwheelrV5_ $89.49 AUD
phil&teds dash 2015-2019 sunhood in black on dash buggy in black 3 qtr view_black dash sunhood PT-PDASH_V5 $75.85 AUD

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