now reading: Winter wellness: Keeping you & your lil ones happy & healthy! 🥰
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Winter wellness: Keeping you & your lil ones happy & healthy! 🥰

Winter wellness: Keeping you & your lil ones happy & healthy! 🥰

Winter's here, & while it brings cozy nights & crisp mornings, it also comes with shorter days & chilly weather. Keeping both you & ya lil ones healthy & happy during this season can be a bit of a challenge.
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But don’t worry, I've been there—I’m gonna share tips & fun tricks to help you make the most of winter with your kids, from newborns to the active & inquisitive toddlers' years! 🤗

Why well-being matters for both You and your child

First things first, let’s talk about why well-being is so important, especially in winter. It’s not just about avoiding the snots & sniffles (though that’s important too!); keeping up with physical health, mental well-being & emotional happiness makes EVERYONE feel better!

These first 3 steps can help us find a NEW path to Winter Wellbeing for you & your fam! 😁 Let's start with...

  1. Boosting Immunity: Eating well, staying active & getting enough sleep can help keep those pesky winter bugs at bay;
  2. Beating the Winter Blues: Shorter days & less sunlight can affect our moods. Fun activities & staying connected can help lift everyone’s spirits;
  3. Creating Memories: Winter offers amazing opportunities for cozy vibes & quality time with your fam!

When we’re spending more time indoors & for some of us in confined spaces it can be challenging to be able keep calm & positive. Cabin fever sets in, right? So, let's all adapt&survive™, & change the narrative; making winter the perfect time for some extra family bonding. 😘

Fun activities to enjoy together

Outdoor fun (of course when weather permits)

  • Winter walks: Bundle up your bub in a carrier or stroller & take a stroll around the neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to talk about nature & why we have seasons. Even with the small babies, just keep talking to them, so they get used to your voice tones and expressions, this will also be very soothing for them!
  • Snow play: If you're fortunate to have snow, then whatcha waiting for?! Get outside & build a snowman, make snow angels, or have a lil snowball tumble! Just remember to dress warmly & take breaks to warm up inside. Remember to keep teaching simple things like naming the layers of clothing that they put on & take off, or why the snow has melted. 🤓

Indoor activities for those cold, blustery days

When it’s just too damn cold to go outside, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep both you & your kids entertained:

  • Planned day trips: Take advantage of all the indoor public amenities in your community. You can go to the museum or the library - it's fun, educational & most importantly... warm! Another advantage is these facilities are usually big so your lil one can also have a run around if they want & need to!
  • Sensory play: Create sensory bins with safe items like rice, pasta, or water beads. Add spoons, cups & toys to make it even more fun. For babies, try using soft fabrics & toys with different textures.
  • Dance party: Put on some music & have a dance party in the living room! It’s a great way to get moving & have fun 🕺. Babies can be held & swayed, while toddlers can jump & twirl – showing you their dance moves! An activity like this is so much fun so get ready for the giggles! So good for you & your bubs bonding time! 90's rave anyone?!!
  • Story time: Snuggle up with a pile of books. Reading together is a great way to enhance language skills & create a comforting routine. Use different voices & expressions to make the stories come alive! Make a tent out of blankets or sheets to create a special wee reading cave - be creative & see the smiles & excitement grow as you build it together. 😍& if you want an easy option that makes an awesome fort for ya kids phil&teds has traveller™ it's super light, compact & comes with its own bag, for quick storage. Check it out! 😘
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Let's get physical!

Another way to stay indoors & beat cabin fever is through exercise! Beneficial for both you and bubs!

Here are some ideas:

  • Obstacle course: Use pillows, cushions & safe furniture to create a simple obstacle course. Encourage your toddler to crawl, jump & manoeuvre through it.
  • Baby yoga: Look up some baby yoga videos online. It’s a fun, calming way to stretch & move together. Simple poses can be adapted for toddlers too!
  • Hide and seek: This classic game is always a hit. Use blankets & furniture to create hiding spots & enjoy the squeals of delight when found!

Making the most of limited space

For those of us with limited indoor space, it’s still possible to keep things fun & engaging:

  • Interactive games: Try interactive & educational games that can be played on the floor or at a small table. Puzzles, building blocks, & simple board games are awesome choices.
  • Creative arts and crafts: Set up a small arts & crafts corner with crayons, paper & stickers. Let your kid's creativity flow & join in creating epic masterpieces together.
  • Quiet time activities: Engage in activities that require minimal movement but are still fun, like playing with soft toys, stacking cups, or exploring musical toys.

Also remember tidying up & putting toys back where they belong can also be part of a fun time activity. Make it a race - who can do it the quickest, or who can make it look the tidiest! 😜

Tips for keeping YOU healthy & happy

  • Self-care: Make a lil time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Practice mindfulness, read a book, or enjoy a warm bath once your kid is napping or watching a movie!
  • Healthy eating: Winter always brings a bit of bad food binging, but when it's winter, now's the time you really wanna be preparing meals that are nutritious for both you & your fam. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables & whole grains to keep all your energy levels up. It's a great time to bring out your crock pot to make those yummo soups & stews! Crock pot cooking is easy and saves you time in the kitchen gives you more play time with your kiddo's!
  • Stay connected: Keep in touch with friends & fam, even if it’s through video calls. Social support is crucial for mental health. Invite family & friends over for movie nights so you can all snuggle up together, with treats. Planning kids & parents date night or play dates are very good for lil one's social skills & for you to have adult time & convo's!

Examples of activities for different ages

For newborns:

  • Tummy time: Lay your bub on their tum for short periods to strengthen their neck & shoulder muscles. You can place a mirror or toys in front of them to make it more engaging.
  • Gentle massage: A gentle baby massage can be soothing & help with bonding. Use baby-safe oils & speak softly to your bub during the massage.

For 1–2-year-olds:

  • Building blocks: Encourage creativity & fine motor skills with simple building blocks or stacking toys.
  • Interactive songs: Sing interactive songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Wheels on the Bus" with accompanying hand motions to keep them engaged & active.

For 2–3-year-olds:

  • Indoor scavenger hunt: Create a simple scavenger hunt with items around the house! Give clues & help your kid find each item if they need.
  • Simple puzzles: Engage your child with age-appropriate puzzles that improve problem-solving skills & hand-eye coordination.

More inspiration:

For more ideas and information on winter wellness, check out these cool articles:

Winter can be an amazing time to focus on the well-being of both you & your kids. By engaging in a variety of fun activities, by having fun with regular exercise & maintaining a healthy routine; you can create a warm & fun home. It ain't hard – just use your imagination!

Stay warm & happy wintering! 😄

Sofia 🩷

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