verve frame V3

verve frame V3



Product Code: PT-PVVframeV3_

Replacement frame for your verve buggy, excluding wheels and seats.

verve front wheels and verve rear wheels are not included with the frame, but can be ordered separately.

adapt your verve frame V3 with these must-have accessories
phil&teds vibe and verve  rear wheel complete on ghosted vibe buggy 3 qtr view_default vibe™ & verve™ rear wheel Vwheelr_ $64.95 AUD sold out
phil&teds 12 inch inner tube set_default 12 inch inner tube set (bent valve) PT-PTubeBVset_ $29.99 AUD sold out
Replacement pair of 12 inch mudguards for phil&teds buggies rear wheel guards PT-PMudguard12setV6_ $19.99 AUD

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