legacy sport double kit

legacy sport double kit

wow! features:

inline® functionality for your legacy sport™ buggy
seat recline zips for a snoozy baby
(more wow! features below)

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Double kit maximum load
double kit on front: 20kg / 44bs
double kit on rear: 15kg / 33lbs

adapt your legacy sport double kit with these must-have accessories

phil&teds sport fitted with double storm over 3/4 view_default sport™ 2015 - 2019 double storm cover NAVSD_V1 $55.00 AUD sold out
phil&teds - mountain buggy tool kit contents_black maintenance kit TK_V1 $40.00 AUD
phil&teds wheel bearing set_default wheel bearing set SPbearset_ $11.99 AUD sold out
phil&teds 12 inch tyre set with white wall_black 12 inch tyre set PT-PTyrewwset_ $39.99 AUD
phil&teds 12 inch inner tube set_default 12 inch inner tube set PT-PTubeBVset_ $29.99 AUD

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